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CAD-CAM CNC programming: advanced 3D modelling for CNC machining centres

With CAD-CAM CNC programming, all your ideas take shape.

If you can imagine it, our sophisticated CAD-CAM design systems can design it, prototype it, and simulate the necessary machining processes in order to identify any specific critical issues and prevent the most common problems.

In fact, CAD is used in designing a new product, such as the prototype, the finished parts, or the entire production line. This also includes defining a production process which is specifically linked to CNC machining.

The application of CAD-CAM procedures to automatic CNC machining allows an exponential increase in the automation of production processes. At the same time, it maintains the ability to change series production, freeing up the limits imposed by automation. It therefore provides wide margins for customising the product while keeping costs sustainable.

Customisation and complexity, without giving up on speed

Through the use of CAD, starting out from a drawing or even just a description, it is possible to customise the design on a case-by-case basis for each field of application: from the prototype to the individual component, right down to the complete assembly.

In fact, calculations and simulations can be performed on the basis of the geometric elements represented in the drawing; including geometrical and strength characteristics of the figures.

In general, we select the best technologies for our time and optimisation requirements:

  1. Top Solid® for machining without complexity limits
  2. Alphacam® for two-dimensional machining
  3. Smoothcam® for fast programming with short delivery timescales

From the design to the tangible result, the “magic” happens through CAD

Following the 3D design of the part through the use of the CAD software, the CAM lets us analyse the geometric 2D or 3D model and generate the programming for a CNC machine too in a partially-automated manner in order to create a prototype with the shape specified in the model.

CAM allows the CNC machine tools to precisely replicate the 3D model created with the CAD software, constantly monitoring the optimisation of the processes involved and the lack of any collisions.

Therefore, Sophisticated CAD-CAM programs allow us to transform the initial idea into a customised and integrated service, applicable to every sector.

At DICO Group, we offer the best CAD-CAM technologies and a large dose of creativity in order to rapidly create the work programs for the machines, optimising costs and timescales and trying to find a solution where others cannot.