Contract manufacturer packaging machines and entire lines

Italy’s Packaging Valley, your destination for all packaging requirements

DICO Group’s journey as contract manufacturer packaging machines began over 45 years ago, in an area of Northern Italy now known as “Packaging Valley”. This extended industrial area is a jewel in the crown of Italy’s manufacturing sector, and one of the major European hubs for automatic machinery for the packaging industry. This area grew from an initial cluster of local businesses engaged in the creation of products and services for manufacturers of automatic machinery.

In fact, Bologna area’s packaging industry represents the very highest production quality, recognised worldwide as a leader in the field of automatic machinery.

The proximity to the large automated machinery industries in and around Bologna has seen the growth of a mechanical engineering segment and its subcontract suppliers which has no equal at an international level. DICO Group slots perfectly into this high-tech supply and service segment for the pharma, food, and tobacco packaging sectors, to name just a few.

Bologna’s Packaging Valley, an ideal location for a contract manufacturer packaging machinery

For the companies in the DICO GROUP, this geographical proximity served to best support our customers, initially as artisanal skills, then growing and developing into a true contract manufacturing partner with an industrial focus.

This close partnership, as an outsourced contractor for the largest international packaging companies, has allowed us to create a production facility without equal in Italy, for prototyping and manufacturing of automatic machinery and components.

Flexible production and quality standards without compromise.

After all, working in the most diverse range of industrial sectors allowed us to refined our expertise. Our experience in precision mechanical engineering includes today the widest range of requirements and methods.

Our mechanical production is highly flexible and adapts to the machining of different materials in order to satisfy everyone, even the most specialised production sectors: aluminum, steel, cast iron, copper, bronze and any plastic materials hold no secrets from us.

We are fast but meticulous: precision is not open for discussion, and we make no compromises on quality.

For us, quality not only means constantly improving our products, increasing the level of technology. Quality also means considering the needs of our customers first and foremost, working alongside them in all phases of the project. 

This makes DICO GROUP a fast, reliable, and flexible partner, a contract manufacturer packaging machinery that provides assistance up to and beyond delivery. 

We conceive original processes, turning your ideas into prototypes in order to create products of the highest quality and technical precision together.