Contract mechanical assemblies





Contract mechanical assemblies and their added value

When the finished product is greater than the sum of its parts

What are the advantages of contract mechanical assemblies? The answer is simple: at DICO Group, we do not limit ourselves to the assembly of individual mechanical components: we are able to communicate with our customers and offer the best solutions from the point of view of costs and productivity.

Assembly can represent up to 40% of the cost of the finished industrial product, and this highlights the importance of mechanical engineering companies in the finished product.

At DICO Group, we are able to manage complex mechanical assembly projects with our renowned efficiency and expertise. Many companies have thus decided to streamline their internal production by subcontracting assembly to third-party partners.

From the initial phases of the project to the mechanical assembly of an entire line.

The heart of the mechanical assembly process is the definition of the cycle and, when the customer does not provide a process flow chart, we develop it directly in partnership with the customer’s technical department.

The mechanical assembly project, as well as functioning perfectly, must also meet, and if possible exceed the customer’s expectations.

When an assembly is complete, final testing of the reference mechanical assembly is required, as for us, the project is not complete until the product is perfect.

At DICO Group, we have developed all the necessary expertise to carry out assembly and regulations designed to ensure technical excellence in the machine’s performance, as well as the maximum possible efficiency.

Contract mechanical assemblies in all its guises

Over the years, we have had the opportunity to assembly the widest imaginable range of machines, for example modular, alternating, or continuous drive. We are overall particularly proud that our customers view us as an essential partner who can efficiently solve their problems.

Today, DICO Group can perform mechanical assembly of machines for all the major industrial sectors:

  • pharmaceuticals
  • tobacco
  • food

Moreover, we also handle the assembly of accessories such as manipulators, palletizers, and conveyor belts.

Right from our initial consultation with the customer, we learn to understand the difficulties of the individual assembly procedures to be performed and identify the most suitable mechanical assembly operatives to carry out the required work. In fact, the characteristics of automatic machinery and industrial systems vary widely depending on the sector for which they are destined.

Mechanical assembly is often the final phase in the design and construction of an industrial machine, and all its parts. This includes mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electric – must be perfectly synchronized.

This is why we consider it important to be a point of reference and technical support for customers requiring assistance in improving or simplifying their products.

Thus, put simply, all our passion and precision come together in the final mechanical assembly process of the automatic machinery for our customers.