1) Programm RealDataMatter 5. April 2022
2) RealDataMatter conference press release

Data-Driven Factory, a sustainable workshop project

When | 5 april 4:30 PM
Where | Aula Magna Faculty of Engineering University of Bologna
Link | To register in presence or online

Digitalizing processes to improve the sustainability of supply chains in the Packaging industry

The Data-Driven Factory project will be presented at the meeting promoted by the University of Bologna:

Real Data Matter
Sustainable Packaging Valley
Tuesday, 5 April, 4:30 PM
Aula Magna, Faculty of Engineering
Viale del Risorgimento 2 – Bologna
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From factory 4.0 to measuring CO2 emissions during production processes: a leading player in this green transition in pursuit of digitalization is Andi-Mec – Dico Group, a company operating in the field of precision machining in the Bologna packaging district. The project, the only one of its kind in Italy, was developed and made operative in collaboration with the University of Bologna. The purpose is to use data analysis to improve the environmental impact of productions. Using complex algorithms to measure the Carbon Footprint, this production model also points the way to additional possible uses. These are the new frontiers in business: from product-driven to data-driven, as articulated in the various aspects of the concept of sustainability.