Mechanical assemblies in outsourcing to actively support global manufacturers

From the initial drawings to the installation: contract mechanical assembly services at the highest standards

Mechanical assemblies usually begin with the initial drafts, the design, where we offer all our expertise on materials, processing, and production processes.

Afterward, DICO Group then begins production and assembly of mechanical assemblies, starting up the process in a planned and monitored fashion. We are able to provide assemblies from components provided by our customers.  Or, we can manufacture the mechanical design parts and then proceed with their assembly according to the specifications.

Our production can count on extensive high-tech machinery park, together with the possibility to perform fast prototyping, including onboard the machine.

We offer a production engineering service, including design and optimisation of the processes, design and creation of equipment, optimisation of tool selection, compiling, and verification of CNC programs.

Each machining job is then certified by our thorough quality control system which guarantees compliance with specifications down to minute tolerances.

When mechanical assemblies in outsourcing are becoming indispensable

Our problem-solving aptitude, combined with our team’s proactive approach and the experience we have gained over the years, allows us to offer ourselves as a reliable partner in all phases of production: from prototype design, production, and assembly, right through to final delivery.

At DICO Group, our mission is always to find the best way to solve our customers’ problems. We are able to assemble single machines or entire production lines which stand out for their performance and long-term reliability.

We offer our expertise in creating products for our customers, with the know-how and competence gained in 45 years of experience in Italy’s Packaging Valley near Bologna.

Today, this experience allows us to identify the different expertise required for each type of job, for standardised assembly jobs or the production of a highly complex mechanical assembly.

Moreover, thanks to our dynamic and constantly growing team, we are able to perform outsourced machining of any type for automatic machinery. This includes prototypes, individual precision mechanical components, and entire mechanical assemblies, right through to complete lines of highly complex automated machines.

Know-how at the service of our customers

This is why we consider it important to be a point of reference and technical support for customers requiring assistance in improving or simplifying their products.

We provide ample support on all technical aspects of the product to be created, even when parties other than the customer are involved in the project. The combination of our expertise with our clients’ technical department know-how allows the production of high performing machinery.

For us, the project is not complete until the product is perfect. Normally, the customer always has the last say, accepting the finished machine or assembly at the conclusion of the project.

Overall, from the design of services through to precision machining, we are able to meet requirements for flexibility in different mechanical production processes: for the pharmaceutical packaging, tobacco, textile or food sector, as well as the paper industry.

Our qualified personnel, divided into efficient work shifts and supported by remote monitoring of all production machinery, is always closely monitored. This ensures the highest quality for the production and assembly of mechanical assemblies

If you can think it up, we can create it, analyse it and deliver it. Within the established timeframes and with the highest levels of quality.